Tips for e-commerce web design

One of the main aims of a website is to increase the sales and make an online identity. E-commerce web design has a major role to play in this. By following some of the simple rules and principles and avoiding some of the usual blunders in web designing, one can easily achieve the target for which the websites are created.

Create SEO friendly websites

First of all, for the survival of a firm in the competitive e-commerce world, it is necessary that it is spotted by the people. Its presence in the field must be evidently announced by appearing in the top of the search results. This can be achieved by designing an SEO friendly website.

Minimal use of graphics

Once the website is made to be search engine friendly, the next thing to do is to increase the number of its visitors. Many factors are contributing to this. Mainly it should not take much time to load. This can be done with minimum and optimum usage of graphics and animation techniques.

Visually Appealing pages

Once the visitor has entered the site, it is essential to direct them to their preferred web page. This needs both visually appealing web pages as well as information about the product. Also, the position of the visitor, the products purchased by them, the money they spent, etc., must be displayed through the sidebars.

The E-commerce web design must be such that it minimizes the confusion of the visitor. The headings and labels must be descriptive about the web pages that would appear by clicking on it. For instance, if the products you’re selling are sunglasses that must be clear.

There should be options to browse the glasses according to prices, color, brands, etc. These make the data clear to the users.

Be clear

Don’t provide bulk information under a single heading as this may confuse the customers. The buying process should not be too complicated. The buy button should be such that it can be reached as early as possible in the navigation path. It is crucial to maintain a community of happy customers even after the sales.

Incorporate a testimonial page

Your customers also have to be given a voice on the site to add their comments, advice, suggestions and more. This can be done by incorporating the testimonial pages where the users can write and review your products freely.

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