How to Select the Correct E-commerce Store

Over the years E-commerce has witnessed rapid growth. Most entrepreneurs bring their business online for higher patronage and profit. For all business starters, it is essential to have an e-commerce site, which is like an online shop. It is cheaper and better to start your business on an already existing e-commerce platform than building a website from scratch.  This will facilitate the quick growth of the business.

There are numerous sites and platforms that you can set up your store on, but not all will give you the desired result. This article guides you on the necessary steps to choosing the right e-commerce store for your business by exploring the factors you need to consider before picking a platform

Pricing and Payment

This should be one of the top things to consider before choosing an e-commerce platform for your store. Virtually all platforms have a monthly charge. Costs of the different platforms vary, so it is necessary to do a survey of the payment plan of the different options you have and decide on which one will benefit you the most. Gauge the quality offered with the price and balance it with your budget and choose the platform that is the most convenient for you.

It is also necessary to check the payment plan for the customers. Be sure that the platform offers third-party vendor payment options like PayPal. This will make it very easy for both you and your customers. They should be able to pay for products without any inconvenience.

SEO and Mobile Friendliness

Also look out for whether the site is SEO friendly. This will determine whether or not your site will come up when customers are searching for the product you sell online. The platform should be one that you can add your domain name, blog to your website and even enable customers to review your products.

More than half of the searches for products done online are done through mobile phones. So, it is essential for your store to be on a platform that can be easily accessed with a mobile phone.


This is also another critical factor to consider while choosing a platform to set up your store on. Most online shoppers do not have the patience to wait for a slow loading site to finish loading. If the site is not fast, they will leave and move to a faster one. Ensure the platform you choose has a fast speed so that you do not lose customers due to slowness. Accurately analyze the speed of the platform before setting up your store.

Security features

Security of the privacy and data of customers should also be well guaranteed by the platform to avoid it being compromised by cybercriminals.

In addition to all these, the platform should also have the ability to enable you to have multiple users in your store at a time without being billed too much. Finally, the platform should be easily integrated with an email marketing system, and this will enable you to reconnect with inactive costumers and continuously engage the active ones.

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